Entrepreneurial Mexico Services

Entrepreneurial Mexico Centers


Through its various centers across the nation, Entrepreneurial Mexico program offers a window of opportunity to all of Mexico’s entrepreneurs and business people, giving them access to private and public programs that grant financial support for the development and strengthening of employment.


Entrepreneurial Mexico Diagnostic


A systemized business diagnostic designed to discover your organization’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats, helping you to identify improvement areas and linking your company to the Ministry of Economy’s programs that will support your company’s growth.


Financial Consulting


A Financial Consultant certified by the Ministry of Economy will identify the type of credit need, guiding you through the preparation of the information and paperwork required for the previously selected public or private financing, thus saving you time and obtaining a product that fits your needs.


PyME - JICA Consulting


Standardized consulting services that identify the root causes of problems within a diagnosis analysis of the company’s main departments: management, finances, marketing, production, and human resources, guiding them in a support, attention, and constant improvement effort with high-impact, low-cost solutions.


DIES Consulting


A program designed to provide companies with comprehensive consulting to help them reach their business goals through a business plan. Dies methodology’s objective is to learn the company’s current situation and to suggest strategies that can be applied to its stage of management maturity.


PyME Fund


An online course designed to increase your management and leadership abilities, resulting in a better product placement within domestic and foreign markets. The course offers solutions designed to improve personnel capabilities, relationships with clients, and outstanding positioning of your company in the business world.


My Business on the Web


A program by the Ministry of Economy aimed at providing you with comprehensive web tools that will help build a professional, modern image of your company on the Internet, all at an affordable cost.




Guidance and advice courses for using the CompraNet 5.0 software, a part of the Government Purchases Program.




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