Work Commissions

CANIETI’s Work Commissions are comprised of Advisors from the Chamber. They act as divisions of study, consultancy, and analysis of specific issues.

National Commission of Government Purchases

CANIETI periodically reviews the Law of Acquisitions, Leases, and Services of the Public Sector. Furthermore, it takes part in the Mixed Commissions of Supply and in the negotiations for trade agreements or Free Trade Agreements through its Chapter of Government Purchases.

This advantage allows us to be acquainted in advance with the acquisition programs of several government agencies, thus enabling us to provide our member companies with timely and reliable information about the sale of technology or services. Hence, our members will learn the government’s future purchase needs; and they will be able to carry out more articulate bids and work constantly in organizational simplification of government agencies.

 National Commission of Standardization

Comprised by our affiliate’s representatives, this Commission sets main guidelines and the Chamber’s position regarding standardization policies defined by competent government agencies. The commission, along with Mexican standardization agencies, works to design mandatory Official Mexican Standards (NOM's) and optional Mexican Standards (NMX's). In addition, it has close contact with national and international standardization, certification, and accreditation organizations.


 National Commission of International Trade

Prepares several proposals for the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Treasury regarding international trade matters, such as:

- Combining PITEX Programs (Temporary Import Program to Produce Export Articles) with Sectoral Programs.

- Combining Maquila (in-bond industry) Programs with Sectoral Programs.

- Regarding Maquilas as permanent establishments.

- Customs procedures to implement Sector Programs, among other relevant activities.





Environmental Commission

Dedicated to environmental topics related to the electronics, telecommunications, and IT industries. Some of these topics include the General Law for Prevention and Comprehensive Management of Waste Products, and the Environment Protection Law and its Regulations.

In addition, this Commission participates in discussion forums carried out by the Mexican Congress; it gives out recommendations about management plans; it is involved in other forums where our industries are related to environmental issues, federal and local; and it offers recommendations such as the elimination of toxic substances in electric, electronic, and telecommunications equipment in Mexico.


National Advisory Board of Telecommunications

The Board is in charge of analyzing and recommending actions concerning relevant topics for our industry sector, such as Free Frequency Radio-Electric Spectrum Bands and the Federal Telecommunications Law, among others. It is made up of CANIETI’s Telecommunications Sector: Section III: Telecommunications Equipment, Systems, and Accessories; Section VII: Installation and Maintenance of Electronic and Telecommunications Equipment and Systems; and Section X: Operation and/or Exploitation of Telecommunications Networks, Systems, and Services. However, due to technology convergence, other sections from CANIETI can also be part of this Board.


CANIETI Activities


Designed for the Chamber’s members, this section offers information regarding our current work:

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