The Mexican Business Information System (SIEM) is a tool created by the Ministry of Economy to help micro, small, medium, and large enterprises  improve their marketing and promotion of any business, industry and services economic unit, both within Mexico and around the world.


The system is legally based on the Act of Business Chambers and their Confederations (Official Gazette of the Federation, January 20, 2005). Herein, Article 30 states that “All industrials and business people, with no exception and mandatorily, shall register and update on a yearly basis each of its businesses on SIEM”, at their corresponding chamber according to their line of work.

SIEM’s objective is to promote business transactions between local and foreign business people, and to advocate quality during production and/or marketing processes through the spreading of our country’s business information and the dissemination of subsidy programs implemented for these purposes by the Ministry of Economy.


Who can benefit from SIEM?

All micro, small, medium and large enterprises that wish to match supply-demand requirements of products, inputs, services, and processes; that require to take part in the promotion and integration of supply chains; and that are willing to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Ministry of Economy’s subsidy programs.


Other reference tools offered by SIEM:

- An inventory of companies, products, and supply chains.

- Statistics

- Small and Medium Enterprises (PyMEs) Library, Laws and Regulations, and Catalogs of Tariff Codes.

CANIETI offers its members enrollment to the Mexican Business Information System (SIEM) at no additional cost (included in CANIETI’s affiliation fee).

It is worth mentioning that, originally, SIEM’s registration cost is calculated based on the number of the company’s employees. Such cost is recorded in the Act of Business Chambers and their Confederation (LCEC).

The Chamber may enroll to SIEM any company that produces, installs, or provides maintenance services of electronic equipment, as well as software developers and companies that provide telecommunications services.


Increase in SIEM Enrollment

Enrolled companies


Alternate operation: Cable telecommunications, television shows subscription distribution (through cable only). 




Javier Cruz Gómez

01 (55) 5264-0808, ext. 128


To enroll:

1.Download the form by clickin here

2.Send to your local CANIETI office.